In Your Own Time

In Your Own Time is an adaptive music app. A piece of music that responds to you – reacting to your movement and to the sound of your environment.

  • In Your Own Time

    In Your Own Time is an adaptive music app, a piece of music composed for smartphone that makes use of the phone's sensors to allow the music to adapt on each listen. The app allows the music to adapt to what you are doing and the sound of the environment that you are listening in–allowing for a unique experience each time.

  • Matching your pace

    The app has a pedometer built in that detects each time you take a step. This is used to match the speed of each new melody to the pace you are walking at. The pedometer works best when your phone is in your trouser pocket and it's sensitivity can be adjusted in the settings.

  • Sampling the environment

    The music is also influenced by the sounds of your environment. Sounds are recorded through the lapel mic attached to the headphones, these are then used to fill rhythms in the music.

  • Skips a beat

    The app responds to other movement as well, if the phone is kerked the music skips a beat. In the melodic sections loud environmental sounds also make individual melodies skip a beat adding to the texture of the music.

  • Podcast from the Journal of Music about In Your Own Time.

  • About

    In Your Own Time is an experiment in using the smartphone to create a new way to experience music. It is inspired by pre-smartphone musical experiments like Sonic City and smartphone apps: RjDj and Bluebrain. The music is an original piece of music written specifically for smartphone by David Collier and the app was realised with the help of Mick Cody and Shane Finan. It explores the idea of making music which is enhanced through a link between the listener, their environment and the music.

    Thanks to Levente Bagi for releasing the source code of his pedometer app, which is the basis of the pedometer of In Your Own Time. Special thanks to Fionnuala Conway and Linda Buckley for mentoring the initial stages of the project.



    Rough Draft Conference

    November 2013 - Rough Draft Conference

    Presentation about designing the listening experience of In Your Own Time at the Rough Draft Conference. Glasshouse Hotel, Sligo.

    Rough Draft

  • SoundSCAPE Festival

    July 2013 - SoundSCAPE Music Festival

    Presentation of the ideas behind In Your Own Time at the SoundSCAPE Music Festival. Maccagno, Italy.


  • Music Tech Ireland

    June 2013 - Music Tech Ireland

    Presentation at Music Tech Ireland's inaugural event. Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.

  • Steim

    May 2013 - 3Dcamp

    Presentation as part of the 3Dcamp (un)conference. University of Limerick.


  • New Music Dublin

    May 2013 - MusicTechFest

    A talk about In Your Own Time at Music Tech Fest. Greenwich, London.


  • Flight of Ideas

    March 2013 - Flight of Ideas

    Presentation at Flight of Ideas, discussing the project and the inspiration behind it. Filmbase, Dublin.

    Flight of Ideas

  • New Music Dublin

    March 2013 - New Music Dublin

    In Your Own Time was previewed at the New Music Dublin festival including a performance by cellist Norah O'Leary. National Concert Hall, Dublin.

    New Music Dublin

  • Visions for Ireland

    October 2012 - Visions for Ireland

    In Your Own Time was presented to a group of business leaders to stimulate a discussion about the part technology has to play in Ireland’s future. National Concert Hall, Dublin.

    Visions for Ireland

  • D.A.T.A.

    May 2012 - D.A.T.A. 53.0

    In Your Own Time was presented as part of a graduate showcase. The presentation was voted best presentation on the night. Science Gallery, Dublin

    D.A.T.A. 53.0

  • Press


    Press Kit - includes press release, images and links to video and audio.

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  • April 1 - Contemporary Music Centre

    Post about In Your Own Time by the Contemporary Music Centre.

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  • March 12 - Carlow Nationalist

    Article about In Your Own Time by Clare Minnock in the Carlow Nationalist.

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  • March 1 - Journal of Music

    Podcast talking about In Your Own Time with Benedict Schlepper-Connolly from the Journal of Music.